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Need to Know: Liquor

Liquor: What should you buy? What liquors to buy to cover most of your guests favorites. Well Stocked Bar To put together a well stocked bar for your event is a balance between variety and budget. Hopefully the information below will help you decide what liquors to serve at your event to create that perfect […]

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Need to Know: TABC

What is the TABC and what does it have to do with my event?   The Texas Alcoholic Beverages Commission (TABC) is the public agency responsible for regulating, inspecting and taxing the production and sale of alcoholic beverages¬†within the state.¬†The TABC may or may not have anything to do with your event at all, it […]

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So you need to hire a bartender for your event?

Hiring a bartender for your event What you need to know to hire the best bartender for your event As you start preparing for your event you have many decisions to make. Venues to look at, caterers and cakes to sample, DJs to find and, of course, you will need a bartender! But before you […]

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