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Plastic drink ware vs. Glassware: Pros and Cons

Not sure if you want to use plastic drink ware or glassware? Maybe we can help.


Glassware or Plastic Cups, which one?

Undecided on what type of drink ware to use for your event? Maybe these pros and cons below will help! You can also speak with your venue to see if they have any recommendations. They may have rules against glassware or plastic cups or they may have their own glassware that they can provide as well.


Glassware: Pros

The main “pro” for using glassware is that it looks nice. Some feel that it gives off a feeling of elegance and class.

Glassware: Cons

The main “con” for glassware is the cost. Glassware rentals usually run anywhere from 50ยข a glass to $2 a glass, depending on the type of glassware you need and if you are looking for just glass glassware or crystal. On top of the per piece price, rental companies may also charge a delivery/pickup fee and a fee for any missing/broken pieces when the glassware is returned. Having to scour the venue at the end of the night looking for each and every last wine glass may be too much for some people to want to deal with.

Another “con” for glassware is the space needed for the glassware. Glassware is typically delivered in racks. These racks need to be stored somewhere out of the way so that they are not broken or in the way, but also close enough to the servers and bartenders who would need access to them. Depending on the venue and layout, finding space to store the glassware may present another challenge.



Plastic Drink Ware: Pros

The main “pro” for using plastic drink ware is the cost. You can probably get enough plastic drink ware for your event at a fifth of the cost of renting glassware.

Another “pro” is that plastic cups take up little space. They can usually be stored behind the bar so that they are easy to get to for the bartender.

Plastic Drink Ware: Cons

The main “con” for plastic drink ware is that some people may feel that plastic cups are not as classy or elegant as glassware would be.

Still undecided? Why not both?

Depending on your event, it may be possible and preferable to use both. Many events that have sit down style dinners may use glassware for water or tea at the tables and maybe a wine glass as well for each seat, but have the bartender serve cocktails in plastic cups. This may be an option for your event as well.


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